Moving from Helium to Hydrogen as a Carrier Gas for the Thermo Scientific ISQ GC-MS System

Aplikace | 2012 | Thermo Fischer ScientificInstrumentace
Thermo Fischer Scientific
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Fast GC-MS Analysis of Semi-Volatile OrganicCompounds: Migrating from Helium to Hydrogenas a Carrier Gas in US EPA Method 8270Jessie Butler, Alexander N. Semyonov, and Pat O’BrienThermo Fisher Scientific, Austin, TX, USA OverviewResultsPurpose: Optimize US EPA Method 8270 with hydrogen carrier gasMethods:...
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Richard Law, Senior Application Scientist, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Runcorn UKTommaso Albertini, Marketing Manager, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Rodano ItalyIntroductionRT: 11.60 - 12.00×250RT: 11.93SN: 3671RMS100NL:1.85E6m/z=283.5284.5 MSICISHCB_Sig_To_Noise90Noise range 11.7-11.880Relative Abundance70605040302010011.6011.6511.7011.7511.80Time (min)11.8511.9011.9512.00Figure 1.RT: 11.60 - 12.00×250RT: 11.93SN: 8046 RMS100NL:1.85E6m/z=283.5284.5 MSICISHCB_Sig_To_Noise90Noise range 11.75 – 11.8580Relative...
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From Helium to Hydrogen: GC-MSCase Study on SVOC’s in waterDwain CardonaSenior Applications ScientistThermo Fisher ScientificThe world leader in serving science1 2UHP HUHe f r o m C y l i n d e rH2 from CylinderH2 from GGeneratorN2 from GeneeratorHelium and...
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CHROMATOGR APHYAdvanced GC-MS systems designed for continuoushigh-throughput operationWith 50 years of GC-MS innovation, theThermo Scientific™ ISQ™ Series GC-MSsystems continue to deliver qualitydesign and leading technology in singlequadrupole mass spectrometry. Theseries consists of the ISQ QD GC-MSand ISQ LT GC-MS models.For...
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