How Much Sensitivity is Needed in a Leak Detector?

Příručky | 2019 | RestekInstrumentace
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Featured Application: Derivatized Amphetamines on Rxi-5Sil MSImproved GC Analysis of Derivatized Amphetamines• Ideal selectivity for GC analysis of amphetamines.2• Exceptional inertness means good peak shape/responseand better sensitivity.Excellent peak shapewith short run time.1• Robust, low-bleed phase results in longer column lifetime.Many...
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Rtx-BAC Plus 1 and Rtx-BAC Plus 2 Columns
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Restek GCLCRtx-BAC Plus 1 andRtx-BAC Plus 2 ColumnsAdvanced Technology for Fast, ReliableMeasurement of Alcohol in Blood• Optimized column selectivities guarantee resolution of ethanol,internal standards, and frequently encountered interferences.• Robust and reproducible column chemistry ensures longercolumn lifetime and accurate, consistent results.•...
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Petrochemical Applications17 Minute D2712 Analysis of Impuritiesin Propylene Using PLOT ColumnsPropylene production exceeds that of most other hydrocarbons worldwide, as it is a key component inmany hard plastics, primarily polypropylene, that are used in a broad spectrum of industries. Propylenecan...
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Gas Management Supplies for GC Labs
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Restek GC AccessoriesGas ManagementSupplies for GC Labs• Gas Generators• Pressure Regulators• Tubing and Fittings• Gas Gas Management for Your LabQuestions to consider whenbuilding your gas management system:A clean gas stream is critical to the quality of yourGC analysis and the...
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