Analysis of N-Nitrosodimethylamine and N-Nitrosodiethylamine Using the Agilent 7697A Headspace Sampler, 8890/5977 GC/MSD System

Aplikace | 2019 | Agilent TechnologiesInstrumentace
GC/MSD, HeadSpace, GC/SQ
Farmaceutická analýza
Agilent Technologies
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Application NotePharma & BiopharmaAnalysis of Five NitrosamineImpurities in Drug Products and DrugSubstances Using Agilent GC/MS/MSInstrumentationAuthorsSoma Dasgupta,Lalith Hansoge, Vivek Dhyani,Samir Vyas, andMelissa ChurleyAgilent Technologies, Inc.AbstractThis application note highlights a comprehensive solution for the determinationand estimation of five nitrosamine impurities (NDMA, NDEA,...
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ApplicationNoteNo.62Analysis of Pharmaceuticals’ Impurity- Regulations and Analysis for Carcinogenic Substances Dheeraj Handique *a), Nitish Suryawanshi *a), Crystal Yeong *b), Cynthia Lahey *b), Shailendra Rane *a), Deepti Bhandarkar *a),Anant Lohar *a), Gao Jie san *c), Li Qiang *c), Fan Jun *c),...
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Nitrosamine ImpuritiesApplication GuideConfidently Detect and QuantifyMutagenic Impurities in APIs andDrug Products Sartan-BasedLosartan ValsartanCandesartan TelmisartanMetforminRanitidineNitrosamines are formed by chemical reactions that occur during APImanufacturing whether from starting materials, intermediates, reactants, reuse ofsolvents and by-products; they can form through degradation products generatedduring formulation...
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Nitrosamines Analysisin PharmaceuticalsUsing Single Quadrupole GC/MS or Triple Quadrupole GC/MSConsumables workflow ordering guideR1NNR2RO2R1RNN2R1ROR21NNNNO Mutagenic impurities in APIs and drug products pose a significant risk to health and safety—even in small quantities—and thus are a major concern for drug makers. Mutagenic impuritiescan...
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