Agilent J&W GS-OxyPLOT - Column installation and conditioning

Technické články | 2019 | Agilent TechnologiesInstrumentace
GC kolony, Spotřební materiál
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GS-OxyPLOT: A PLOT Column for the GCAnalysis of Oxygenated HydrocarbonsTechnical OverviewAllen VickersIntroductionGS-OxyPLOT is a porous layer open tubular (PLOT)column. The stationary phase is a proprietary, saltdeactivated adsorbent with a high chromatographicselectivity for low molecular weight oxygenatedhydrocarbons. It is designed for...
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Investigation of the Unique Selectivity andStability of Agilent GS-OxyPLOT ColumnsApplicationGas ChromatographyAuthorsYun Zou and Min CaiAgilent Technologies (Shanghai) Co. Ltd.412 Ying Lun RoadWaigaoqiao Free Trade ZoneShanghai 200131P.R. ChinaAbstractThe stationary phase of a GS-OxyPLOT column is a proprietary, salt deactivated adsorbent. GS-OxyPLOT...
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An Alternative Application for a HighlyOxygen-Selective Capillary GC PlotColumnApplication NoteHydrocarbonsAuthorsAbstractAlejandro GonzalezThis application note successfully shows selective retention and resolution of lowDCG Partnership I, Ltd.molecular weight sulfur containing species on an Agilent J&W GS-OxyPLOT column.4170A S MainThe selective retention for sulfur...
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Solutions for light hydrocarbons and gasses:PLOT columns1April 17, 2019Separation Superhero Seminar Tour Solutions for Light Hydrocarbonsand Gasses: PLOT ColumnsAllen K. VickersAgilent TechnologiesFolsom Technology CenterCalifornia, USAApril 18, 20192 Table of Boiling Point FractionsCarbon No. C1 C2 C3 C4 C5 C6 C7 C8 C9...
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