Determination of short-chain branches in PVC by pyrolysis-hydrogenation-GC (Py-HGC)

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Material Characterization in the Automotive IndustryUsing Multi-Mode Pyrolysis GC/MS:A COMPREHENSIVE GUIDE FOR PYROLYSIS GCMS TECHNIQUEAND ITS USE IN THE AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRY Table of ContentsWhy Pyrolysis GC/MS?1Analytical Problems & Pyrolysis-Based Solutions2Polymer Processing4Additives12Paints & Coatings17Rubbers23Adhesives28Weatherability Test31What is Pyrolysis GC/MS Technique?35Easy Sample Preparation36Simplify and...
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Solving Analytical Problems®®using MultifunctionalPyrolyzerMulti-functionalVersionVersion 1.31.3- Polymer processing- Forensic- Energy- Additives- Coatings- Elastomers- Adhesives- Inks and paints- Paper and fibers- Consumer products- Environmental- Weatherability Analytical Problems and Frontier-Based Solutions - continues to next pageA. Polymer processingC. EnergyA-1 Analysis of polymerization reagents...
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Rubber and Plastic Materials Characterization UsingMicro-Furnace Multi-Mode Pyrolysis-GC/MS1Copyright © 2020 Frontier Laboratories Ltd. Why Pyrolysis-GC/MS?Manufacturers are always seeking new technologies and developments that increase production efficiency and thequality of the produced parts. Many analytical protocols used to analyze rubber and plastic...
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Microplastics Analysis using Micro-FurnacePyrolyzer and F-Search MPs SoftwareCopyright © 2023 Frontier Laboratories Ltd. What are microplastics?Microplastics (MPs) are tiny plastic particles that measure less than five millimeters across. They result from the breakdown of largercommercial plastic products. Some microplastics have formed...
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