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Thermal Analysis & RheologyThermal Analysis Application BriefHigh Resolution TGA / Mass Spectroscopy Characteristics ofFuel Oil Transport AdditivesNumber TA-141An understanding of the thermal and oxidative stability of fueloil additives is essential when formulating blends for highertemperature applications. High Resolution TGA combined...
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Weight Loss Determined from Mass Spectrometry Trend Data in aThermogravimetric/Mass Spectrometer SystemCarlton G. SloughTA Instruments, 109 Lukens Drive, New Castle DE 19720, USAABSTRACTThe use of mass spectrometry for the identification of evolved gas species inthermogravimetric (TG) experiments is well known....
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Thermal Analysis & RheologyTHERMAL SOLUTIONSCLARIFICATION OF INORGANIC DECOMPOSITIONS BY TGA - MASSSPECTROMETRYPROBLEMSOLUTIONThermogravimetric analysis (TGA), which measures weightchanges in a material as the material is heated, provides aconvenient method for characterizing the decompositionprocess in inorganics. For example, calcium oxalatemonohydrate (CaC2O4 ....
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POLYMERANALYSISSOLUTIONSPolymer Applications Compendium PerkinElmer Polymer Applications CompendiumPOLYMER ANALYSIS SOLUTIONSTABLE OF CONTENTSCONTROL OF RAW MATERIAL AND FINISHED PRODUCTSThe solutions and expertise you needto succeed in today's industrial arena.Today’s plastics are some of the most used materials on aglobal volume basis. Broadly integrated...
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