On-Site Analysis of Gasoline Range Organics (GRO) in Soil and Groundwater Using Field Portable Purge and Trap GC / FID / PID

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Validation of Wisconsin Gasoline Range Organics
2011|Agilent Technologies|Aplikace
Validation of WisconsinGasoline Range OrganicsApplication NoteBy: Tyler TrentAbstractThe Wisconsin DNR Modified Gasoline RangeOrganics (Wisconsin GRO) Method is used todetermine gasoline and gasoline components inwater and soil. The water samples are analyzedby purge and trap, while the soil samplesundergo an additional...
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Application Note#GC3005Environmental Analysis of BTEX Compoundsin Soil, Water and Sludge by GC / PIDBecause of the widespread use and history ofindiscriminate disposal practices of gasolineand fuel oils, their analysis in environmentalsamples is in high demand. Gasoline and dieselare both complex...
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Technical Guide1Optimizing theAnalysis of VolatileOrganic CompoundsInside:EPA Method DefinitionsState GRO MethodsContract Laboratory Program (CLP)The Love Canal ScandalPurge and Trap TheorySequences and Flow Paths of thePurge and Trap UnitPurge and Trap ComponentsAdsorbent Materials and TrapsTroubleshooting Common ProblemsAssociated with Purge and Trap UnitsGC...
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Analysis of BTEX-MTBE by Purge and Trap (P&T) Concentrationand Determination by Gas Chromatography and PhotoionizationDetection (GC/PID)IntroductionThe analysis of Benzene, Toluene, Ethylbenzene, Xylenes, andMethyl-tert-butyl ether is a common analysis performed inmany laboratories. BTEX compounds are naturally occurringconstituents in crude oil and...
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