Zebron™ MultiResidue™ GC Columns

Brožury a specifikace | 2007 | PhenomenexInstrumentace
GC kolony, Spotřební materiál
Životní prostředí, Potraviny a zemědělství
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GCTN-2021Multi-Residue Pesticide ScreeningMethod using GC/MSSky Countryman and Kory KellyPhenomenex, Inc., Torrance, CA, USAbe used for screening, Mass Spectrometer (MS) detection mustbe employed to provide positive confirmation.Pesticides are widely used by farmers to control pests, weedsand molds that would otherwise decrease...
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Chromatography Guide forEnvironmental Testing Our Commitment to Environmental TestingIn recent years, there has been a rapid, worldwide increase in environmental testing.The sudden emergence of hybrid vehicles and the recent trend towards biofuels highlight the growingconcern for environmental pollutants. As the focus...
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TN-2026EPA Method 8081A Chlorinated PesticideAnalysis Using Two New GC ColumnsSky Countryman and Kory KellyPhenomenex Inc., Torrance, CA, USAIntroductionThe use of many pesticides has been limited or discontinued dueto the health and environmental risks they pose. However, thepersistence of these compounds...
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TN-2039APPLICATIONSFast Separation of Chlorinated Pesticides Using Zebron™ GC ColumnsKory KellyPhenomenex, Inc., 411 Madrid Avenue, Torrance, CA 90501, USAIntroductionPesticides are classes of chemicals that are used to treat or control outbreaks of pests, especially insects. Food production as wellas safety and...
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