Automate Sampling by Pairing Micro GC Fusion®with a Valco® Stream Selector

Aplikace | 2016 | INFICONInstrumentace
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Frontier Lab Rapid Catalyst Screening Reactors
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Rapid Catalyst Screening ReactorsRapid screening of catalystsAnalysis of a variety of sample typesMulti-modes of operationTandem µ-ReactorRx-3050TRSingle µ-ReactorRx-3050SR OverviewTwo accessories, the Selective Sampler and theMicroJet Cryo-Trap, enable the products formed in upto eight thermal zones, to be automatically analyzed.Both reactors are designed...
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NEW!Rapid Screening Reactors for GC/MSTandem µ-Reactor “ Rx-3050TR ”The µ-Reactor system having a catalyst packed reactor is directly interfaced to a GC/MS system and is usedto analyze gas-phase contact reaction products for rapid screening of catalysts. The temperatures andreaction gases...
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Agilent 490-PRO Micro GC for Process Monitoring - Data Sheet
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Agilent 490-PRO Micro GC forProcess MonitoringData SheetIntroductionBetter measurement means greaterknowledge. That is what the Agilent490-PRO Micro GC gives you to ensurefaster, more repeatable monitoring andcontrol of your processes. The 490-PROMicro GC can be used for manyindustrial applications, from refinerygas composition,...
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