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APPLICATION NOTESimple and Fast Gas Analysis for University CatalystResearch with Micro GC Fusion®OVERVIEWThis application note describes the advantage ofusing Micro GC Fusion to provide rapid gascomposition analysis for catalyst research projects.Simplified operation and accelerated analysis offeredby the instrument fast track...
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fusion, fusioncatalysis, catalysisgas, gasmicro, microresearch, researchuniversity, universitycatalyst, catalystanalyzer, analyzeranalysis, analysisenergy, energyacetylene, acetylenebutane, butanersd, rsdethane, ethanepropane
Application NoteEnergy & ChemicalsThe Analysis of Swelling Gasin Lithium-Ion Batteries with anAgilent 990 Micro GCAuthorJie ZhangAgilent Technologies, Inc.AbstractThis application note describes the analysis of lithium-ion-battery swelling gas usingan Agilent 990 Micro GC. Three channels were recommended for permanent gasand hydrocarbons...
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swelling, swellingmol, molcalibration, calibrationgas, gaslibs, libsretention, retentionvri, vricomponent, componenttime, timeari, aribattery, batterymin, minhexane, hexanechannel, channellithium
Application BriefEnergy and ChemicalsBiomass Pyrolysis Gas ProductsAnalysis Using the Agilent 990Micro GCAuthorFei JiangAgilent Technologies(China) Co. Ltd. Shanghai200080 P. R. ChinaAbstractThis application note describes the use of the Agilent 990 Micro GC for fast andaccurate biomass pyrolysis gas products analysis. Two...
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biomass, biomasspyrolysis, pyrolysiscarbon, carbonsustainable, sustainablemonoxide, monoxideacetylene, acetyleneethane, ethanemol, molretention, retentionmethane, methanedioxide, dioxidetime, timeethylene, ethylenechannel, channelfei
Application BriefEnergy & ChemicalsCoal Mine Gas Analysis with theAgilent 990 Micro GCAuthorJie ZhangAgilent Technologies(Shanghai) Co. Ltd.AbstractIn this application brief, a fast coal mine gas analysis was performed on anAgilent 990 Micro GC configured with four analytical channels. The permanentgases and...
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ppu, ppumolsieve, molsievechannel, channelresponse, responsebackflush, backflushppq, ppqgas, gascoal, coalmine, mineagilent, agilentcarrier, carrierhelium, heliumtime, timemol, molargon