Automated Chromatographic Comparison of Citronella Ceylon Oils Using GC-TOFMS

Aplikace | 2009 | LECOInstrumentace
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Agilent Technologies, LECO
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®Fast Analysis of Citronella Ceylon Oilwith GC-TOFMSLECO Corporation; Saint Joseph, Michigan USAKey Words: GC-TOFMS1. IntroductionThere are two types of citronella oil - ceylon and java both of which are valued for their lemony aromas. Ceylonis the more common variety and...
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trans, transgeranyl, geranylcis, ciscadinene, cadineneocimene, ocimenebutyrate, butyrateelemol, elemolelemicin, elemicinacetate, acetateoxide, oxidecadinol, cadinolcitronellyl, citronellylpegasus, pegasusspectra, spectraisoeugenol
®Rapid Analysis of Lavender Oil by GCTOFMS: Automated Location of Majorand Minor ComponentsLECO Corporation; Saint Joseph, Michigan USAKey Words: GC-TOFMSGas chromatography (GC) with flame ionization detection(FID) is commonly used to characterize essentail oils suchas lavender oil. However, these analyses are...
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lavender, lavenderoil, oilacetate, acetateversalide, versalideminor, minorcomponents, componentspegasus, pegasusisopropyl, isopropylfarnesene, farnesenelibrary, librarygeranyl, geranyldeconvolution, deconvolutionspectral, spectralterpene, terpenelinalool
®Qualitative GC-TOFMS Analysis of Nutmeg Extract:Automated Peak Finding and Spectral Deconvolutionof Minor ComponentsLECO Corporation; Saint Joseph, Michigan USAKey Words: GC-TOFMS, Food, Deconvolution1. IntroductionNutmeg is one of the old spices, having been cultivated forover a thousand years in the Caribbean. The...
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pegasus, pegasuscis, cisterpineol, terpineolpeak, peaktrans, transsabinenehydrate, sabinenehydratecoelution, coelutionnutmeg, nutmegalgorithms, algorithmsfind, findcomponents, componentsocimene, ocimenedeconvolution, deconvolutionspectral, spectraleugenol
®Automated Comparison of Scotch andMidwest Spearmint Oils using GC-TOFMSLECO Corporation; Saint Joseph, Michigan USAKey Words: GC-TOFMSThe Pegasus II automated data processing algorithmsinclude peak finding and spectral deconvolution. Peakfinding effectively locates the positions of all peaks in asample including multiple components...
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scotch, scotchspearmint, spearmintmidwest, midwestpegasus, pegasuscarvone, carvonecis, cisdihydro, dihydrooil, oilgermacrene, germacrenetrans, transoils, oilsocimene, ocimeneterpinene, terpineneleco, lecopositions