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The Impact of Using Guard Columnsin Gas ChromatographyJaap de Zeeuw, Restek Corp., Middelburg, The Netherlands.Gas chromatography is a technique which can be used for a wide class of sample types. If the components to analyse can be transferred in thegas-phase...
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GCTROUBLESHOOTING GUIDEwww.phenomenex.com/GC Access GC Resources 24/7Explore Online Tips & ToolsYou asked for a better online experience. One filled with technical resources,easy-to-find products, and useful tools to make your GC work easier.Good news… it’s here!• Troubleshooting resources and on-demand webinars• Get thousands...
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Understanding the GC Inlet:Which Type is MostAppropriate for your Method?Mark SinnottAgilent TechnologiesApplication EngineerApril 22, 20211DE44305-5966666667 Sample Injection Goals•Introduce sample into the column•Reproducible•Minimize efficiency losses•Representative of samplePage 2 Influence of Injection EfficiencyShortConcentratedSolute BandsLongDiffuseSame column, same chromatographic conditionsPage 3 Inlet ChoicesInletSplit / SplitlessMulti-ModePage 4SampleConcentrationSample toColumnColumnModeCommentsCapillarySplitPurged...
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Better Connections - Agilent GC inlet resource guide
2021|Agilent Technologies|Příručky
Better Connections, Better Resultswith Your Agilent GC SystemGC inlet resource guide Here’s What’s InsideIntroductionSeptaTroubleshootingOrdering InformationFerrulesTroubleshootingOrdering Information234478913Column NutsOrdering InformationLiners1415TroubleshootingOrdering Information162022Inlet Parts and Supplies23 There’s More to Agilent Instruments,Parts, and Consumables Than aSuperior ProductYou also get more than half a century of knowledge and...
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