A Practical Applications Guide for Analytical Pyrolysis - GC/MS - Arts and Antiquities

Příručky | 2018 | CDS AnalyticalInstrumentace
GC/MSD, Pyrolýza
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YearInnovationA Practical ApplicationsGuide for AnalyticalPyrolysis - GC/MSTobaccoCDS Analyticalwww.cdsanalytical.com Analysis of Menthol CigarettesThe material used in cigarettes is a carefully formulated product of natural tobaccotogether with a variety of additives. Analytical pyrolysis can reveal both the materialsproduced from the tobacco at high...
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YearInnovationA Practical ApplicationsGuide for AnalyticalPyrolysis - GC/MSPolymer and RubberCDS Analyticalwww.cdsanalytical.com Evolved Gas AnalysisIt possible to obtain a significant amount of information without chromatographic separation of the pyrolysis products by connecting the pyrolyzer directly an MS detector.Here, a GC column is replaced...
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Material Characterization in the Automotive IndustryUsing Multi-Mode Pyrolysis GC/MS:A COMPREHENSIVE GUIDE FOR PYROLYSIS GCMS TECHNIQUEAND ITS USE IN THE AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRY Table of ContentsWhy Pyrolysis GC/MS?1Analytical Problems & Pyrolysis-Based Solutions2Polymer Processing4Additives12Paints & Coatings17Rubbers23Adhesives28Weatherability Test31What is Pyrolysis GC/MS Technique?35Easy Sample Preparation36Simplify and...
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