Pyrolysis of Natural and Synthetic Adhesives

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Thermal Sampling of Lubricants
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#69olutionsAPPLICATIONS INFORMATION USING ADVANCED SAMPLE HANDLING TECHNOLOGYThermal Sampling of LubricantsEngine lubricants are prepared using a baseoil (either natural or synthetic) with which a widevariety of additives can be mixed. Additive selectivity is dependent upon the specific properties that are desired...
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lubricants, lubricantsengine, engineime, imethermal, thermalolutions, olutionslubricating, lubricatingsalicylate, salicylatesampling, samplingaccumulate, accumulatepermit, permitapplications, applicationsemploys, employsfuels, fuelsrecommend, recommendphenol
#97aVDA 278 Analysis Using Thermal DesorptionApplication NoteAutomotiveAuthor:C. ZawodnyThe German Automobile Association method VDA 278 is a thermal desorptionanalysis for organic emissions from interior components of a vehicle. This analysis deals with a VOC value (up to C20-Eicosane) based on Toluene,...
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fog, fogvoc, voctra, tration, tionabundance, abundancetub, tubcarpetfibers, carpetfibersfogstd, fogstdiniti, initivalv, valvfibers, fiberstda, tdafigure, figurelong, longcarpet
#190Pyrolysis-GC/MS Real and Faux LeatherApplication NoteTextilesAbstractPyrolysis reveals components and differences between different leather andfaux leather products.Author:Karen SamIntroductionPyrolysis-GC/MS allows for the analysis of organic materials which are toolarge to be compatible with GC alone. Material is heated in a controlled way,facilitating...
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leather, leatherfaux, fauxpyrolysis, pyrolysisrawhide, rawhidecollagen, collagenreal, realkaren, karentextiles, textilesrecycled, recycledsam, samfacilitating, facilitatingreveals, revealsbreakdown, breakdownnearly, nearlystudied
Handheld FTIR analysis for theconservation and restoration of fine artand historical objectsApplication noteMaterials testing and researchAuthorsAlan Rein, Frank Higgins and Pik TangLeungAgilent TechnologiesDanbury, CT, USAAgilent 4100 ExoScan FTIR analyzing a painting by H. Bosch.Photo courtesy of the Glasgow Museum.IntroductionVerified for...
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