Direct thermal desorbtion using the OPTIC injector

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Application Note No. 021In-Situ Field Measurements of Isoprene, Its OxidationProducts and Selected Monoterpenes in a Eucalyptus ForestAC Lewis, P.W Seakins, A.M Denha, K.D Bartle, M.J Pilling School of Chemistry,University of Leeds, Leeds, LS2 9JT, U.K.AbstractIn-situ field measurements of isoprene, methacrolein...
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forest, forestisoprene, isoprenecanopy, canopyeucalyptus, eucalyptusbiogenic, biogenicambient, ambientsite, sitemonoterpenes, monoterpenessorbent, sorbentsampling, samplingtree, treeanthrpogenic, anthrpogenichimalaya, himalayamacr, macrpennsyvannia
Atmospheric Monitoring of Volatile Organic Compounds UsingProgrammed Temperature Vaporization InjectionAlastair C. Lewis*, Keith D. Bartle, James B. McQuaid, Michael J. Pilling, and Paul W. SeakinsSchool of Chemistry, University of Leeds, Leeds, LS2 9JT, UKPeter RidgeonAi Cambridge Ltd., London Road, Pampisford,...
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vocs, vocssorbent, sorbenttube, tubeatmospheric, atmospherictrap, trapptv, ptvvaporization, vaporizationready, readydesorbing, desorbingmonitoring, monitoringforest, forestonto, ontoprogrammed, programmedisoprene, isopreneused
Application Note No. 030Large-volume injection in gaschromatographic trace analysis usingtemperature-programmable (PTV) injectorsHans G.J. MolAmsterdam, NetherlandsHans-Gerd Janssen *,Carel A. CramersEindhoven, NetherlandsUdo A. Th. BrinkmanAmsterdam, NetherlandsThe use of programmed-temperature vaporising (PTV) injectors for large-volume injectionin capillary gas chromatography is brieflyreviewed. The principles...
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ptv, ptvliner, linerinjection, injectionlarge, largevolume, volumesolvent, solventanalytes, analyteslargevolume, largevolumeliquid, liquidsplitless, splitlessinjectors, injectorselimination, eliminationvaporising, vaporisingsplit, splitoptimisation
Application Note No. 052Determination of Breakthrough Volume for Optic LinersWhen analysing very low level samples it is necessary to trap analytes from large volumes of sample. Underthese conditions knowledge of the breakthrough volume of an analyte on the trap is...
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breakthrough, breakthroughoptic, opticvolume, volumehem, hemhea, heaanalyte, analytelog, logmust, musttrap, trapextrapolating, extrapolatingtemperature, temperatureconstant, constantretention, retentionextrapolated, extrapolatedsettle