Air Sampling with the CAM 5000

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GC, Purge and Trap
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CDS Analytical
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   JSB is an authorised partner of#035EPA 601/602 Analysis using the EA-600EPA methods 601 and602 are purge and trap/GC methods used to detect organic pollutants inmunicipal and industrialwaste water. 601 (Figure1) detects 29 halocarbonsusing an electroconductivity detector (ELCO)....
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   JSB is an authorised partner of#044The CAM 5000: A New Concept in Air SamplingConceptThe CDS Analytical Continuous Air Monitoring System (CAM 5000) is a CDS Solutiondeveloped in response to customer requests fora flexible unit that would analyze...
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   JSB is an authorised partner of#046Reproducibility of Air Sampling using theCAM 5000There are many possible sources of error inthe results obtained from air sampling. Variabilitycan be inadvertently introduced during storage ofthe sample collection media prior to sampling...
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   JSB is an authorised partner of#053Desorption of Air Samples from ORBO Tubesusing the PeakMasterThe CDS Analytical PeakMaster EV withThermal Desorber can be equipped with aninterface that will fit ORBO air samplingtubes so that the entire tube is...
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