EPA TO1 Analysis using the CDS TDA 9300 Autosampler

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GC/MSD, Termální desorpce
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CDS Analytical
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   JSB is an authorised partner of#100Analysis of VOC Gases and TO-1/TO-2 Standardsvia Dynatherm 9300 TDA Using VOCGASFocussing TrapA novel analysis for VOC gases and TO1,TO2standards without cryogen has been developed. The analysis involves the use of a...
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   JSB is an authorised partner of#107Analysis of Fragrance Volatiles in Shampoos andSoaps using Thermal Desorption and GC/MSThe use of fragrances is prevalent in almostany of the multitude of “personal” care products.This includes cosmetics, soaps, oils, andperfumes. So...
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JSB is an authorised partner of   #109TO-17 Analysis using the CDS TDA 9300 AutosamplerTO-17 is the EPA method for the determination ofVOC’s in ambient air by pulling of a known volumeof air through a tube packed with a...
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JSB is an authorised partner of   #152Calibration Curves for PFPH FormaldehydeHydrazone using Thermal DesorptionPFPH-COH2-CalibrationCurve (12)AreaTo make the derivatizing reagent, 1000nMoles of pentafluorophenyl hydrazine(Aldrich 156388) was added to a 500 mlvolumetric flask and dissolved in a suitableamount of anhydrous...
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