Optimizing the Analysis of Semi-volatiles by EPA Method 8270

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APPLICATION NOTE 10441Helium conservation in volatile organic compoundanalysis using U.S. EPA Method 8260CAuthorsIntroductionAndrea Caruso,1 Tommaso Albertini,1Jacob A. Rebholz2; 1Thermo FisherScientific, Milan, Italy; 2TeledyneTekmar, Mason, OhioAs helium becomes more difficult and expensive to procure, there has beena push to find alternative...
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APPLICATION NOTE 10522Optimized GC-MS solution for semivolatiles(SVOC) analysis in environmental samples incompliance with the U.S. EPA Method 8270DAuthorsRichard Law,1 Cristian Cojocariu,1Daniela Cavagnino2Thermo Fisher Scientific,Runcorn, UK12Thermo Fisher Scientific, Milan, ItalyKeywordsGC-MS, Semivolatiles, HeliumSaver, ISQ 7000, ExtractaBrite,EPA 8270, SVOC, SVOA,semivolatile organic compound,BNA, base...
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Application note | 000761Mass spectrometryOptimized analysis of semi-volatile organic compounds(SVOC) in environmental samples in compliance withU.S. EPA Method 8270 utilizing GC-MSIntroductionAuthorsSemi-volatile organic compounds (SVOCs) are ubiquitous in our environment and raiseAmit Gujar , Kenneth M Free ,11Tim Anderson , and...
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Meeting the requirements of US and European water standards
2020|Thermo Fischer Scientific|Příručky
Analytical solutions:Meeting the requirements of USand European water standards ForewardThe quality of the water in our rivers, lakes and seas is of significant concern for both the organisms that inhabit theseenvironments and those that rely on it as a water source...
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