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YearInnovationA Practical ApplicationsGuide for AnalyticalPyrolysis - GC/MSForensicCDS Analyticalwww.cdsanalytical.com Powder-Coat PaintsPlacing a suspect at the scene of a crime is crucial when solving crimes. This is achievable through the identity of trace evidence. Evidence such as paints, fibers, toner, inkand cosmetics can...
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setting, settingpyroprobe, pyroprobetoner, tonerphotocopiers, photocopiersterephthalic, terephthaliclevoglucosan, levoglucosanprinters, printerscoat, coatpaints, paintsinks, inkstextile, textilefurfural, furfuralfibers, fibersbenzoic, benzoicyear
#197Pyrolysis of Different Tea Bag Papers Using the PyroprobeApplication NoteFood & FlavorAuthor:Karen SamAbstractPyrolysis of Tea bag Paper using a CDS Model 6150 Pyroprobe.Useful for competitive analysis, product development, regulation, and even forensic analysis, pyrolysis provides a simple way of studying...
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levoglucosan, levoglucosanoligomers, oligomersmethacrylate, methacrylatestyrene, styreneidentification, identificationkaren, karentrimer, trimermedication, medicationcapsules, capsulespapers, paperssam, sampyroprobe, pyroprobebag, bagbenzoate, benzoatecompetitive
#59aPyrolysis-GC/MS of Clothing Fibers - Cotton and PolyesterPoly(ethylene terephthalate)Application NoteFibersAlthough clothing may be made from a wide variety of fibers, both natural (suchas wool and silk) and synthetic (such as nylons and acrylics), cotton, polyester,and blends of these two are...
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cotton, cottonpet, petfibers, fibersclothing, clothingpolyester, polyesterterephthalate, terephthalatefigure, figurepoly, polypyrolyzed, pyrolyzedethylene, ethylenethread, threadbenzoic, benzoicaldehydeshandling, aldehydeshandlingatmin, atmincellu
Solving Analytical Problems®®using MultifunctionalPyrolyzerMulti-functionalVersionVersion 1.31.3- Polymer processing- Forensic- Energy- Additives- Coatings- Elastomers- Adhesives- Inks and paints- Paper and fibers- Consumer products- Environmental- Weatherability testswww.frontier-lab.comwww.frontier-lab.com Analytical Problems and Frontier-Based Solutions - continues to next pageA. Polymer processingC. EnergyA-1 Analysis of polymerization reagents...
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ega, egazone, zonepyrolyzer, pyrolyzeracid, acidobtained, obtainedink, inkadditives, additivesfrom, fromthermal, thermalshot, shottmsh, tmshirradiation, irradiationunknown, unknownanalyzed, analyzedtmah