High Temperature Headspace Assay of Polymers with Teledyne Tekmar HT3™ Static Headspace Instrument

Aplikace | 2010 | Tekmar TeledyneInstrumentace
GC, HeadSpace
Životní prostředí, Materiálová analýza
Agilent Technologies, Tekmar Teledyne
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Headspace Assay of Polymers used inthe Automotive Industry with TeledyneTekmar HT3™ Dynamic HeadspaceInstrumentApplication NoteBy: Roger BardsleyIntroductionSynthetic and natural materials are used extensively by the motor vehicle industry to provide customers appealingand safe vehicle interiors. The materials used in all aspects...
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Evaluating Consumer Productsfor Low Level Contaminants withHigh Temperature DynamicHeadspaceApplication NoteAbstractHigh density polyethylene (HDPE) and polyethylene terephthalate(PET) are widely used polymers for the storage of consumerproducts including bottled drinks. HDPE is typically used in milkjugs while PET is typically used in...
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Headspace Assay of Household InteriorPaint with Teledyne Tekmar HT3™Static Headspace InstrumentApplication NoteBy: Roger BardsleyA IntroductionThe reduction or removal of compounds that react in the atmosphere with sunlight to form ozone has become a priority effort toimprove air quality worldwide. Air...
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Headspace Analysis of VolatileOrganic Compounds (VOC’s) inContact Packaging MaterialsUsing the HT3 AutomatedHeadspace AnalyzerApplication NoteBy: Teri DattilioIntroductionRegulatory agencies such as the United States Food and Drug Administration (USFDA) and the European Union(EU) have published regulations and provided guidance on the use...
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