Ink Analysis by Thermal Desorption using the CDS TDA 9300

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JSB is an authorised partner of   #109TO-17 Analysis using the CDS TDA 9300 AutosamplerTO-17 is the EPA method for the determination ofVOC’s in ambient air by pulling of a known volumeof air through a tube packed with a...
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#108aVolatile Analysis of Kraft Paper ProductsUsing Thermal DesorptionApplication NotePaper & InkPaper pulp is produced by the Kraft (or sulfate) process. The process usessodium hydroxide and sodium sulfide to digest the lignin from the wood. Thisprocess accounts for about 80% of...
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TO-17 Analysis
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#109aTO-17 AnalysisApplication NoteEnvironmentalAuthor:C. ZawodnyTO-17 is the EPA method for the determination of VOC’s in ambient air bypulling of a known volume of air through a tube packed with a variety of sorbentmaterials. The sorbent tube is then thermally desorbed and...
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#98aThermal Desorption of Military Simulant:Linearity and Reproducibility#98Application NoteHomeland DefenseThis study details the analysis of the chemical weapon simulants Dimethyl MethylPhosphonate (DMMP), 1,4-Oxathiane, and Triethyl Phosphate using thermaldesorption. Linearity, reproducibility, and carry-over were examined.Author:C. ZawodnyolutionsA three compound standard mixture was used...
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