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Meet Your New Zebron Gas Management FiltersNo Diffusion and No Leakswith Dual Wall Housing!More protection and less contamination with an inner glass wall andbetter safety with a plastic outerwall.Easily Know When toReplace Your Filter!1Higher CapacityColor ChangeThe higher capacity of Zebrongas...
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GC Column Selection Guidelines
GC Column Selection GuidelinesThe Master Resolution EquationHow do you choose a column? Do you reach into a cabinet of mystery columns, look to yourfavorite 5 % phenyl phase, or borrow one from a colleague? Understanding how columnparamaters impact key elements...
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SPME Applications Guide
3rd EditionSPMEApplications GuideTable of ContentsApplication AreaPageBooks1Foods1Polymers and Coatings12Natural Products12Pharmaceuticals16Biological Matrices16Toxicology16Forensics29EnvironmentalT199925BWater30Pesticides44Soil48Air51Theory and Technique53Supelco SPME Publications63SPME Products64©2001 Sigma-Aldrich Co. Bulletin 925BSPME Applications GuideThe SPME Applications Guide is a bibliographic resource of more than 750 published technical articles about solid phasemicroextraction. With the continued...
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Gas Chromatography Detectors - Quick Reference Guide
2022|Agilent Technologies|Příručky
Quick Reference GuideGas Chromatography DetectorsDetectorDescriptionFlame IonizationDetectorThe FID is the most commonly used general-purpose GCdetector. As the sample exits the column, it is burned in ahydrogen/air flame and ionized particles are measured asan electrical current.Thermal ConductivityDetectorA TCD is considered a universal...
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