Frontier Lab Micro UV Irradiator - Rapid photo / thermal oxidative degradation analysis of polymeric materials

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Material Characterization in the Automotive IndustryUsing Multi-Mode Pyrolysis GC/MS:A COMPREHENSIVE GUIDE FOR PYROLYSIS GCMS TECHNIQUEAND ITS USE IN THE AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRY Table of ContentsWhy Pyrolysis GC/MS?1Analytical Problems & Pyrolysis-Based Solutions2Polymer Processing4Additives12Paints & Coatings17Rubbers23Adhesives28Weatherability Test31What is Pyrolysis GC/MS Technique?35Easy Sample Preparation36Simplify and...
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Solving Analytical Problems®®using MultifunctionalPyrolyzerMulti-functionalVersionVersion 1.31.3- Polymer processing- Forensic- Energy- Additives- Coatings- Elastomers- Adhesives- Inks and paints- Paper and fibers- Consumer products- Environmental- Weatherability Analytical Problems and Frontier-Based Solutions - continues to next pageA. Polymer processingC. EnergyA-1 Analysis of polymerization reagents...
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Multi-functional Pyrolyzer® Technical Note( PYA5-005E )Rapid evaluation of ethylene vinyl acetatedegradation using online UV irradiation Py-GC/MS[Background] Polymers are known to undergo photo, thermal and oxidative degradation when irradiated by ultraviolet (UV) light. Thedegree of degradation is often temperature dependent. Frontier...
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LAAN-A-MS-E012A pplication NewsG as Chro mato g r a p h y Ma ss Sp e c tro m e tr yNo.M253Analysis Using UV/Py -GC/MS SystemMethods used for weather-induced degradation testingof polymeric materials include outdoor exposuremethods and weather meters, however,...
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