Improved High Temperature Simulated Distillation (ASTM D6352 and D7169) Using Zebron™ ZB-1XT SimDist Metal GC Columns

Aplikace | 2010 | PhenomenexInstrumentace
GC, GC kolony, Spotřební materiál
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Zebron ZB-DHA-PONA GC Column
2019|Phenomenex|Brožury a specifikace
™IntroducingZB-DHA-PONA• Designed and Tested for Detailed Hydrocarbon Analysis• Excellent Response and Peak Symmetry for Polar Oxygenates• Suitable for DHA, PONA, PIONA, PIANO, and ASTM Methods(D5134, D5441, D5501, D6729, D6730, D6733) C C o lu mns The Optimal Choice forPIONA, DHA and...
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Simulated Distillation Metal GC Columns
2011|Phenomenex|Brožury a specifikace
SimulatedDistillationMetal GC ColumnsZebron ZB-1XT SimDistwith Glass Infusion Technology™™Consistent and ReliableResults, Guaranteed. 5 Reasonsto Switch to Zebron ZB-1XTSimDist GC Columns™1. New Glass Infusion™ Technologyp. 32. Consistency and Reliabilityp. 43. Higher Efficiencyp. 64. Long Lifetimep. 75. 100 % Risk-Free Guaranteep. 11Uniform Coating for...
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Easily find ASTM and Fuel applications Peak Shape and Better Efficiency throughUniform Glass Infusion™ Coating TechnologyGC ColumnsPerformance Benefits™1. Sharper Peaks and Higher Efficiency:Glass Infusion Technology Provides UniformCoating and Minimizes Unwanted Activity.2. Consistency and Reliability:Zebron Columns are INDIVIDUALLY Tested forBetter...
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GC Method Development SpecialOptimize GC Column Selection and Save!Column selection tips and guidelines inside IntroducingPhaseSelectionthe ZebronTipsExperience™Selectivity Has the Biggest Impact on ResolutionResolution between two analytes is mainly determined by the selectivity of the stationary phase. By increasing the resolution between twocompounds,...
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