Rapid Identification and Quantification of Common Fumigants and Toxic Chemicals in the Shipping Industry

Technické články | 2014 | Syft TechnologiesInstrumentace
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Syft Techologies | Whitepaper | SIFT-MS: Monitoring of Occupational Chemical ExposureSIFT-MS: A New Perspective on Monitoringof Occupational Chemical ExposureMonitoring of worker exposure to toxic chemicals is receiving increasing attention fromOccupational Safety and Health (OSH) regulators. Various methods – such as...
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REPORT | Carbonyl Sulfide Detection, Using SIFT-MSDetection and Quantitation of Carbonyl Sulfide,Using SIFT-MSCarbonyl sulfide (COS; also known as carbonsulfoxide) was proposed as a fumigant1 by theStored Grain Research Laboratory of theCommonwealthScientificandIndustrialResearch Organization (CSIRO) in Australia andwas patented in 1992. The...
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2017|Syft Technologies|Brožury a specifikace
SOLUTIONS THATPROTECT PEOPLESYFT TECHNOLOGIES SIFT-MS SOLUTIONS THAT PROTECT PEOPLEMany volatile organic compounds(VOCs) and semi-VOCs (SVOCs) poserisks to human health and the generalwell-being of modern society. Somehave severe, acute toxicity, such asthe chemical warfare agents andfumigants. Others have more chronichealth effects and...
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Syft ContainerSure - DATASHEET
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Syft Technologies | CONTAINERSURE DATASHEETSyft ContainerSureThe ultimate instrument for trace detectionof toxic gases in shipping containersKey BenefitsSpecificationsComprehensive, integrated tracefumigant and toxic industrial chemical(TIC) detection solutionANALYSIS CAPABILITY•Ideally suited to direct analysis of air for toxiccompounds, such as fumigants•Instantaneous broad-spectrumidentification and quantitation...
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