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MassHunterSoftware Overview, Tips, & Tricks
2014|Agilent Technologies|Prezentace
MassHunter SoftwareOverview, Tips, & TricksAnne Blackwell, AEMark Sartain, AESumit Shah, AEDavid Weil, AENathan Miller, PSASTS – Vancouver, BC May 8thLa Jolla, CA May 20th MassHunter WorkstationOne software for all your Agilent mass specsMinimize the learning and optimize the use of software...
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2015|Agilent Technologies|Ostatní
MASSHUNTERWORKSTATION SOFTWARETRANSFORM MS DATA INTOANSWERS QUICKLY AND EASILYMassHunter Workstation is a versatilesoftware platform with dedicated modulesfor quantitation, compound confirmation,target compound screening, degradant,unknown identification, characterizationof biomolecules, and protein andmetabolite identification.• One comprehensive portfolio ofsoftware for LC/MS, CE/MS, GC/MS,and ICP-MS workflows.• Seamless...
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Agilent MassHunter software suite
2022|Agilent Technologies|Brožury a specifikace
Maximize Throughput,Confident ResultsAgilent MassHunter software suite Make Your MS Analysis Faster,Easier, and More ProductiveDesigned to solve your everyday struggles, Agilent MassHunter software providescustomizable features and capabilities that support diverse applications.Operators at all levels can use MassHunter software to drive confident resultsfor...
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ASMS: E&L: Streamlining LC/MS and GC/MS Workflows
2018|Agilent Technologies|Prezentace
E&L: Streamlining LC/MS and GC/MSWorkflowsASMS 2018 San DiegoSmriti Khera, Ph.D.Pharma Segment [email protected] Research Use Only Not for use in diagnostic procedures. Agilent’s Comprehensive Solutions for Extractable ProfilingSophisticated data analysis and identification2For Research Use Only Not for use in diagnostic procedures. Identification Strategy...
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