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TMApplication Note SP303eDetermination of Pesticides in Drinking Water with SPDE-GC/MSIntroductionIn agriculture, pesticides are used extensivelyagainst insects, moulds and weeds. Some pesticides are suspected as endocrine disruptors. Due to the good water solubility incombination with the high persistence of somepecticide compounds...
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SPDE Extraction Cooler
2015|Chromtech|Technické články
Page 1 of 5CHROMTECH News16. Februar 2015SPDE Extraction CoolerBoth SPDE as well as SPME represent solvent-free extractiontechniques having gained wide acceptance for many years in routineoperation, enforced by the advantage of fully automated extractionand desorption steps.Both techniques are suitable for...
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SPDE™ The Magic Needle
2006|CTC Analytics|Brožury a specifikace
SPDE™The Solid Phase Dynamic Extraction (SPDETM)option features full automation for dynamic sample extraction, desorption and analysis. Liquidand headspace samples are not only easier toanalyze, but handling is much more reliable thanwhen employing regular SPME procedures.The SPDETM technology allows you to...
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2006|CTC Analytics|Brožury a specifikace
SPDEEXTRACTION COOLER™Since the introduction of SPDE™,many users have expressed interest in being better able toextract volatile substances. Sincethe SPDE syringe needle usuallyworks at ambient temperaturesor higher during extraction,volatile substances are poorlyextracted compared to less volatile compounds.However, SPDE™ can successfullyperform extractions...
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