Using Thermal Desorption– Gas Chromatography for the Detection of Fire Accelerants in Arson Residues

Aplikace | 2012 | PerkinElmerInstrumentace
GC, Termální desorpce
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The ASTM classification table (Table 1 - Page 2) breaks liquidaccelerants into 6 major classes. This table is a useful tool toassist the analyst in the identification of an accelerant. Eachclass of accelerants is described across a row of the...
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APPLICATIONNOTEGas Chromatography/Mass SpectrometryAuthors:Kira YangYong XuPerkinElmer, Inc.Shanghai, ChinaIdentification of VOCs inIn-Vehicle Interior UsingTD-GC/MS-Olfactory PortIntroductionCustomer complaints of odors within a new carare rising with the increasing number of new carbuyers. Although odors can be subjective, it isnow well known that the new...
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Poster ReprintASMS 2018TP-180Low Energy EI and HighResolving Power Instrumentationfor the Analysis of ArsonSamplesMatthew CurtisAgilent Technologies, Santa Clara, CA IntroductionThe FBI Uniform Crime Reporting Program reported56,825 arson cases in 2010 in the United States with46% of those involving structures such as residential,storage...
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#99aDetection of Accelerants in Arson Residuesusing Thermal Desorption-GC/MSApplication NoteForensicsAuthor:C. ZawodnyWhen arson is suspected with a fire of unknown origin, the remaining residuesare examined for traces of flammable accelerants. Typical accelerants includethe common gasoline, kerosene and diesel, as well as less...
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