Pesticide data analysis - get it right the first time

ZÁZNAM | Proběhlo Út, 13.12.2022
Zdůrazníme naše softwarová řešení navržená tak, aby vám pomohla při analýze pesticidů, ať už pracujete ve výzkumu nebo při rutinní analýze.
Thermo Scientific: Pesticide data analysis - get it right the first time

Thermo Scientific: Pesticide data analysis - get it right the first time

Welcome to Thermo Fisher Scientific's 2022 Transforming pesticide analysis with GC-MS, IC-MS, LC-MS, and data analysis e-seminar series. Pesticides have been adversely affecting human health and the environment since their first-recorded intentional use to prevent pest infestation. As the quantity of pesticide residues found throughout the environment continues to increase, the threat to human health becomes more significant. In this four-part eSeminar Series, we address the advances and new trends in pesticide residues analysis so that you can be well-equipped to stay ahead of developing challenges.

Join us for the fourth and final webinar in this series.

Pesticide data analysis - get it right the first time

Accurate pesticide data analysis is at the forefront of our Environmental and Food customers' minds now more than ever. In the fourth installment of our four-part eSeminar Series, Zoe Julian and Tim Stratton will highlight our software solutions designed to assist your pesticide analysis, whether you work in research or routine analysis.

Discover how the Thermo Scientific Chromeleon Chromatography Data System can streamline your routine workflows from data acquisition, processing and reporting, with more right-first-time results.

Thermo Scientific's Compound Discoverer software also streamlines unknown identification, determination of real differences between samples, and elucidation of biological pathways with a comprehensive, integrated set of libraries, databases, statistical analysis, and visualization tools linked in customizable workflows.

Presenter: Tim Stratton (Analytical Instruments Group, Libraries Manager, Thermo Fisher Scientific)

Graduate of the University of Minnesota. Started my career as an analyst in pharma working in regulated analysis, quality control, method validation, etc. for many years with Solvay Pharmaceuticals. Migrated into pharma research when I moved to Abbott Laboratories working in drug metabolism and pharmacokinetics in all aspects from early high throughput screening to post market phase 4 studies. My work in research extended for almost 10 years and included working for both large and small pharma companies. My specific area of focus was structure elucidation and fragmentation interpretation and it’s still an area I really enjoy. I joined Thermo Fisher almost ten years ago working in the Pharma vertical marketing group, mainly because they promised I could play with the latest toys before they were available. Since then I’ve been involved in hardware and software testing and development as well as working directly with customers for support and to better understand their needs. The past few years I’ve transitioned to focus more on the construction of high resolution accurate mass MS/MS and MSn spectral libraries to help with identification of unknowns across all areas of research and this continues to be the main area of focus for me.

Presenter: Zoe Julian (Analytical Instruments Group, Product Marketing Manager, Thermo Fisher Scientfic)

Zoe Julian is a product marketing manager with Thermo Fisher Scientific. She has over 10 years' experience of working with chromatography techniques with a focus on GC and GC-MS(/MS). Her background in organic environmental analysis and sales support has enabled her to help many different laboratories and industries to improve their workflows and productivity.

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