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Introducing the latest version Lab-at-a-glance powered by LabSolutions BiX

ZÁZNAM | Proběhlo Út, 14.2.2023
LabSolutions BiX umožňuje online sledování stavu laboratorních aktivit, efektivitu laboratorních uživatelů, využití přístrojů a další nové funkce...
Shimadzu: Introducing the latest version Lab-at-a-glance powered by LabSolutions BiX

Shimadzu: Introducing the latest version Lab-at-a-glance powered by LabSolutions BiX

In today's fast-paced digital world, the ability to make data-driven decisions rapidly is pivotal to the laboratories, in order to boost productivity, shorten response time, release analysis results quickly, and plan for future expansions. However, as crucial as this need may be, it has been especially difficult in many QC and research laboratories due to the lack of a system that provides a synopsis of Lab Performance statistically.

In this webinar, you will witness the power of LabSolutions BiX - the comprehensive analytics platform - which can provide users with accurate and timely laboratory analytics, from a laboratory, at home, or from a remote location around the world. Whether you are using Chromatography, Spectroscopy, or Mass Spectrometry instruments, LabSolutions BiX possess the capability to capture, process, and analyze all the data from respective software, including Shimadzu's unique network platform LabSolutions CS, and showcase the analyzed output into various Analytics dashboard reports.

Join us to learn how you can achieve "Lab-at-a-glance" easily using LabSolutions BiX, which enables the monitoring of the Live Status of laboratory activities, the efficiency of laboratory users, instrument utilization, and other new features in this latest version which will be unveiled during the webinar.

Learning Objectives:

  • How to get the insights of Lab Perfomance in graphical visualization with Live Dashboard
  • How to monitor Instrument utilization and user performance to enhance the productivity
  • Familiarize on “Audit Dashboard” for quick review & release of batches
  • Understand how to leverage LabSolutions BiX unique features for your laboratory

Presenter: Dr Kanimozhi Sivarajan (Assistant Informatics Manager, Shimadzu (Asia Pacific) Pte Ltd)

Dr Kanimozhi is leading the Informatics sales & marketing division for the APAC region, providing Laboratory Informatics Solutions such as LabSolutions CS, LIMS and other QMS applications. She is supporting customers with implementation of laboratory automation solutions and is responsible for providing consultation on streamlining Lab Workflow, Regulatory Compliance requirements for Electronic Data Management and Lab Practices/Analysis.

Guest Speaker: Mr Akbar Kamal (CIO - Digital Transformation & Data Analytics, Zim Laboratories Ltd)

Mr Akbar Kamal is the CIO at Zim Laboratories Ltd. His responsibilities include understanding user requirements for integrating 7 major software systems relating to various business systems for quicker & better interpretation of data resulting in better inter-company decision making. He works with Hybrid Cloud (Azure) & Chromium-based HDMI dashboards for automated reporting and has good hands on coding experience with C, SQL & Automation Scripting.

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