What GC Orbitrap MS Can Do for You

Thermo Fisher Scientific: What GC Orbitrap MS Can Do for You

Thermo Scientific GC Orbitrap MS is a powerful technology for applications ranging from quantitation, screening, sample profiling, and unknown identification.

In this webinar, we will

  • Discuss how GC Orbitrap MS data is different from other systems, including single quadrupole, triple-quadrupole, and TOF/Q-TOF
  • Give an overview of GC Orbitrap technology
  • Highlight key workflows for targeted and untargeted analysis
  • Provide data examples and how it makes a difference
  • Show you where to find further information

Presenter: Dominic Roberts (Product Marketing Manager, Thermo Fisher Scientific)

Dominic has been closely involved with the Thermo Scientific GC Orbitrap MS since its launch in 2015. He started at Thermo Fisher Scientific as a Senior Applications Specialist for the product and is currently the GC Orbitrap MS Marketing Manager. Dominic is an experienced analytical chemist and mass spectrometrist with more than 18 years of experience using state-of-the-art analytical systems. He has worked in both a regulatory and industrial environment with GC-MS and LC-MS systems to investigate a variety of chemicals in food, biological, and environmental samples.

Thermo Fisher Scientific
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