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Simplify volatiles analysis - part 1: Why adopt direct MS in your lab or CRO?
ZÁZNAM | Proběhlo Út, 15.9.2020
V tomto webináři Vám ukážeme výhody použití automatizované SIFT-MS pro analýzu těkavých látek v různých matricích od vzduchu až po headspace analýzu polymerů, půdy a vody.
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Pixabay/analogicus: Simplify volatiles analysis - part 1: Why adopt direct MS in your lab or CRO?

Sample throughput is often a critical bottleneck for the analysis of volatiles in contract testing or research laboratories. Selected ion flow tube mass spectrometry (SIFT-MS) is a form of direct mass spectrometry that provides real-time detection of volatile organic compounds and many inorganic gases to sub-part-per-billion concentrations (by volume; ppbV) without preconcentration, derivatization or drying. Automation of SIFT-MS creates a high-throughput analytical tool that addresses these throughput challenges.

Join us for this webinar (the first in a series of four), where we demonstrate the advantages of applying automated SIFT-MS to volatiles analysis in diverse matrices, from air to the headspace of polymers, soil, and water. Find out why SIFT-MS is not simply advantageous for throughput reasons, but how it can also support faster method optimization for conventional methods (e.g., headspace equilibration times).

Subsequent webinars in this series build on these basic advantages of SIFT-MS, showing practical, proven strategies for adopting automated SIFT-MS in your routine analysis workflow.

Key learning objectives:

  • The analytical challenges of volatiles analysis faced by laboratories that are using only chromatographic methods -How the challenges of volatiles analysis can be addressed using direct MS, which provides higher sample throughputs, faster method development and validation, and improved analysis of challenging volatiles such as formaldehyde and hydrogen sulfide
  • How the direct MS technique – SIFT-MS – works
  • How SIFT-MS analysis can be automated across a wide range of lab applications, such as headspace analysis, sample bags, and thermal desorption tubes.

Who should attend:

  • Laboratory managers and analysts in routine industrial and contract testing and research laboratories, particularly those working with the analysis of volatiles
  • Laboratory managers and analysts in pharmaceutical, biomedical, industrial, consumer product, and environmental laboratories

Presenter: Mark Perkins, Ph.D. (Senior Applications Chemist, Anatune Limited, United Kingdom)

Mark is a senior applications chemist at Anatune Limited and a global authority in automated SIFT-MS. Mark has extensive experience in both conventional chromatographic methods as well as SIFT-MS. Prior to joining Anatune, he spent 12 years as a senior analyst and chromatography section manager at the Malaysian Rubber Board’s UK research center.

Presenter: Vaughan Langford, Ph.D. (Principal Scientist, Syft Technologies, New Zealand)

Vaughan joined Syft in 2002 after completing his PhD in Physical Chemistry at the University of Canterbury, and post-doctoral fellowships at the Universities of Geneva, Western Australia, and Canterbury. With an extensive background in diverse applications of SIFT-MS, he provides advanced applications training and support to SIFT-MS users globally.

Presneter: Carrie Haslam (Associate Editor, Selectscience)


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