Sample Prep Techniques To Improve Your Environmental Analysis

ZÁZNAM | Proběhlo St, 23.9.2020
V tomto webináři Vám představíme inovace v přípravě vzorků jako SPE a QuEChERS pro různé aplikace včetně automatizace a optimalizace Vaší GC analýzy.
Thermo Scientific - Environmental Webinar Week

Thermo Scientific - Environmental Webinar Week

Learn how to select and implement sample preparation like SPE and QuEChERS to meet the requirements of today’s environmental analysis. While considering sample prep, we will also go into detail about careful consideration needed in selection and use of all consumables in the chromatography workflow. We will present new innovations for varying applications including automation as well as optimizing your GC analysis.

Presenter: Jessica Netzer (Applications Scientist, Chromatography Columns and Consumables, Thermo Fisher Scientific)

Jessica loves sample preparation. She is an experienced applications scientist at Thermo Fisher Scientific where she supports customers with solutions for LC, GC, and sample prep. Jessica is an analytical chemist with over 15 years of experience in chromatography techniques, method development, and method validation in pharmaceutical and environmental laboratories.

Presenter: Daniela Cavagnino (Product Marketing Manager, Thermo Fisher Scientific)

Daniela received her Master’s degree in Chemistry at the University of Milan, Italy. She started her career in gas chromatography at Thermo Fisher Scientific, spending several years in R&D working on GC technology innovation. She then conveyed her technical background into product management and marketing management roles with more than 15 years of experience promoting GC and GC-MS technology and applications in several different market segments.

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