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Water, Water Everywhere but is it Safe to Drink?

ZÁZNAM | Proběhlo Čt, 24.9.2020
V tomto webináři prodiskutujeme analýzu těkavých organických látek VOC pomocí našeho systému GC-MS, který se používá k provádění řady analýz dle EPA metod pro testování vody.
Thermo Scientific - Environmental Webinar Week

Thermo Scientific - Environmental Webinar Week

Ensuring our water is safe to drink and not harmful to the environment into which it is released is essential to ensure public health and safety. In this webinar, we discuss VOC analysis with our GC-MS system that is being used to carry out a series of EPA methods around water testing.

Presenter: Amy Nutter (Senior VOC Applications Chemist, Teledyne Tekmar)

Amy Nutter is a senior VOC applications chemist at Teledyne Tekmar. Currently, she is focused on applications development and customer application support on the Purge and Trap product line. Previous to her current role, Amy worked for the city of Cincinnati in both the drinking water and wastewater laboratories.

Presenter: David Lee (GC/GC-MS Applications Specialist, Thermo Fisher Scientific)

Having graduated from the University of York with a Masters in Chemistry, David has worked in a variety of analytical laboratories testing a range of matrices including drinking water, environmental, pharmaceutical, and home and personal care products using a variety of techniques such as HPLC, LC-MS, GC and GC-MS. Since moving to Thermo Fisher Scientific, David has focused on GC and GC-MS applications for the environmental sector.

Thermo Fisher Scientific
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