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Moving forward webinar part 2 - chromatography software
ZÁZNAM | Proběhlo St, 16.9.2020
Zjistěte, jak využít možnosti chromatografického software (CDS) a umožnit vzdálené ovládání a přístup k vašim datům i mimo laboratoř, z různých laboratoří nebo dokonce z více geografických oblastí.
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Exploit the remote operations features in your chromatography data system and be productive when working from home.

It can be challenging not being in the lab every day or having to reduce the number of people working at any one time. Maybe employees have to juggle unexpected or unforeseen personal circumstances that prevent them from being in front of the instrument PC or you may have to cope with multiple absentees. Learn how you can leverage the capabilities of a Chromatography Data System (CDS) to enable remote operation and access to your data from outside the lab, across the lab, different sites or even multiple geographies - which in turn delivers efficiency gains that will be realized across the board.

In this virtual session you will find out how a leading CDS can provide a robust and secure solution that is designed to meet the needs of both IT and the Lab.

Learn about:

  • Benefits of remote access and how it can help to maintain productivity
  • Find out how chromatography software can ensure business continuity for both IT and the Lab
  • Learn more about the features that are vital for a CDS to provide secure and reliable access to your data

Presenter: Peter Zipfell (Product Marketing Manager, Thermo Fisher Scientific)

For the past 18 years Peter has worked extensively with chromatography hardware and software transitioning from LC-MS method development through HPLC technical support to Chromatography Data Systems. Working with Chromeleon CDS for over 10 years, he has been involved with supporting our customers to provided software solutions across multiple industries to enable them to improve their current workflows and increase productivity.

Presenter: Julian Renpenning - Moderator (Regional Marketing Manager EMEA, Thermo Fisher Scientific)

Julian studied at the Technical University of Berlin Biotechnology and specialized in analytical chemistry and bioprocess engineering. In 2011 he started his PhD at the Environmental Research in Leipzig, Germany and continued in 2015 to work as Postdoc career on analytical method development for hyphenated MS, IRMS and ICP-MS with gas chromatography. Since 2019 I took a role at TFS as EMEA Regional Marketing Manager for GC, GC-MS and IOMS.

Thermo Fisher Scientific

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