State of the Art Technology for Aroma, Flavour and Fragrance Analysis

ZÁZNAM | Proběhlo Út, 26.9.2023
Prozkoumejte možnosti technologie LECO a její vliv na překonávání výzev, kterým čelí odvětví výroby aromatických, chuťových a vonných látek.
LECO: State of the Art Technology for Aroma, Flavour and Fragrance Analysis

LECO: State of the Art Technology for Aroma, Flavour and Fragrance Analysis

In the ever-evolving landscape of today's competitive market, the significance of maintaining the quality and safeguarding the integrity of your brands cannot be overstated.

It is becoming even more imperative to outpace your competitors by leveraging powerful technology which can enhance your workflows, elevate brand quality and empower your Aroma, Flavour and Fragrance analysis.

In this webinar, we explore the capabilities of LECO technology and the impact it is having on overcoming the challenges faced in the Aroma, Flavor, and Fragrance industry.

1. Enhanced Workflows for Essential Oils: Increase Confidence in QC Screening & Characterisation

  • Presented by Sebastiano Panto

  • Hydrogen Carrier Gas


  • Maximise efficiency with Sync Software

2. Investigate Perfumes in Greater Depth & Faster: Utilise GCxGC to characterise perfume complexity and understand important differences for both performance and quality assurance

  • Presented by Lena Dubois

  • Unveiling the power of BT4D and GCxGC-TOFMS

  • Distinguishing real from counterfeit perfumes

  • Seamlessly navigate complexity with Tile Software

  • Allergen analysis to ensure safety

3. Non-Target Characterization and Simultaneous Quantitation for Reformulation of Complex Fragrance Samples with GCxGC-MS/FID

  • Presented by Dr. Liz Humston-Fuller

  • Mastering BT4D, RFF, Splitter/FID technologies

  • Characterisation in detail

  • Confident quantification through enhanced FOD accuracy

4. Whisky Analysis: Unravel the complexities and differences of Whiskies

  • Presented by Taff Morgan (The Open University)

  • BT 1D/BT4D

  • Complex characterisation

  • Comparison of different origins and process types

  • Fast interpretation of large sample sets with Sync/Tile

By immersing yourself in these advanced technologies and software solutions, you stand to revolutionize your workflow, elevate quality control measures, protect your supply chain, uphold brand reputation, ensure product safety, and shape consumer perception.

Presenter: (Alan Griffiths, Director of Separation Science Global Sales, LECO USA)

Initially joining LECO UK as an installation and service engineer 15 years ago before taking on the challenges of sales across the UK and Ireland territory, Alan has a vast experience and understanding of LECO’s separation science portfolio. In the webinar, Alan will both introduce the speakers and chair the Q&A.

Presenter: (Dr. Liz Humston-Fuller, Applications Chemist, LECO USA)

Liz earned her PhD in Analytical Chemistry with Prof Robert Synovec in the group that developed the tile-based Fischer ratio algorithms that have been further developed in collaboration with LECO to underpin ChromaTOF Tile. Her presentation will introduce “Advanced processing software with ChromaTOF Tile & ChromaTOF Sync.”

Presenter: (Dr. Lena Dubois, Applications Chemist, LECO Europe)

Lena has ten years’ experience in the field of application chemistry and gained her PhD under the mentorship of Prof. Jef Focant at Liège University. Lena will be discussing “Workflows for the assessment of key aroma compounds” by utilising the latest in advanced GC and GCxGC -TOFMS and data processing technologies.

Presenter: (Dr. Geraint (Taff) Morgan, Department of Physical Sciences, The Open University)

Taff is an analytical chemist with vast experience, applying his knowledge from the bottom of the ocean to the surface of a comet. His talk entitled “Comprehensive Evaluation of Scotch Whisky Aroma Profile Using SPME-GCxGC-TOFMS” will demonstrate the effective use of high-quality instrumentation and software to real world whisky samples.