Leak Detection for E-Vehicle Applications

ZÁZNAM | Proběhlo Čt, 30.11.2023
Přínosy detekce úniku helia (HLD) pro výrobu e-vozidel a nabízí reálné návrhy na zlepšení přesnosti výsledků a optimalizaci průběhu procesu.
Agilent Technologies: Leak Detection for E-Vehicle Applications

Agilent Technologies: Leak Detection for E-Vehicle Applications

Vacuum and leak detection solutions are crucial elements in advanced industrial processes for the electrification of vehicles.

This webinar discusses the benefits of helium leak detection (HLD) for e-Vehicle manufacturing and offers real-world suggestions for improving the accuracy of the results and optimizing process flow.

Vehicle electrification provides additional challenges and opportunities for vacuum products related to energy storage, in addition to the conventional automobile applications’ vacuum needs for airbag integrity, HVAC component testing, power train production, and testing. E-vehicle battery technology requires a tightly sealed shell around the storage cells, and HLD is the only technology with the sensitivity and dynamic range capable of confirming the integrity of the battery enclosure for the life of the vehicle.

Join Sr Applications Engineer Bartly Carlson for this unique perspective on using HLD in E-vehicle manufacturing and test applications.

Presenter: Bartly Carlson (Sr. Applications Engineer, Vacuum Products, Agilent Technologies, Inc.)

Bart joined Agilent / Varian in 1989 and has held positions in pre- and post-sales applications, vacuum system design, field service, and customer support in his 30+ year career in Vacuum and Leak Detection. Bart supports Agilent’s Customers and Sales Teams in Canada, US, Mexico, and South America.

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