GC Columns 101: Installation, Care, and Maintenance

ZÁZNAM | Proběhlo St, 26.5.2021
Připojte se k nám, diskutovat budeme o správné instalaci a manipulaci s kolonami pro všechny GC Agilent, včetně Intuvo 9000.
Agilent Technologies: Becoming a Better Chromatographer

Agilent Technologies: Becoming a Better Chromatographer

Whether you are new to practicing GC chromatography, or would like a refresher, the installation and care of your GC column is of the utmost importance.

We will also address the common modes of column degradation and some of the misconceptions that people have concerning column degradation. Lastly, we will discuss ways that you can protect and maintain your column’s lifetime and performance while minimizing instrument downtime.

Presenter: Mark Sinnott (Application Engineer, Agilent Technologies, Inc.)

Mark Sinnott works for Agilent Technologies as a Technical Support Engineer in the Consumables and Supplies Division (CSD) at the capillary column manufacturing facility (the “J&W Scientific” location). In his position at Agilent, Mark performs technical support and applications assistance to gas chromatographers worldwide. He has more than 22 years of experience in gas chromatography, including environmental analysis of compounds in air, soil and water matrices, including dissolved gas analysis for the electrical industry. Mark holds a Master’s Degree in Chemistry from California State University, Sacramento, and currently resides in Sacramento.

Presenter: Ryan Birney (Application Engineer, Agilent Technologies, Inc.)

In Ryan’s current role at Agilent, he provides application assistance and technical support for GC and Spectroscopy. He has been supporting Agilent in technical and sales roles for the past seven years. Ryan came to Agilent from industry, and has an BS degree in Biochemistry.

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