Characterization of Essential Oils by Gas Chromatography in One Minute

Aplikace | 2007 | Thermo Fischer ScientificInstrumentace
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®Rapid Qualitative GC-TOFMS Analysisof Peppermint OilLECO Corporation; Saint Joseph, Michigan USAKey Words: GC-TOFMS, Flavor1. IntroductionPeppermint oil is one of the most extensively usedessential oils, both medicinally and commercially. It is animportant ingredient in a variety of consumer productsranging from candy...
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peppermint, peppermintcis, ciscadinene, cadinenetrans, transpegasus, pegasusleco, lecoacetate, acetateoil, oilgermacrene, germacrenetofms, tofmsocimene, ocimenementhol, mentholterpinene, terpinenelinalool, linaloolhit
Potential Allergens in AromatherapyOils by GC/MS Using an Agilent J&WDB-XLB Capillary ColumnApplication NoteConsumer Products and Flavors and FragrancesAuthorAbstractKen LynamThe European Union (EU) regulates 26 flavor and fragrance allergens. Twenty-four ofAgilent Technologies, Inc.these allergens are amenable to analysis by GC/MS. Some...
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dibromobenzene, dibromobenzeneallergens, allergensbenzyl, benzylfragrance, fragranceallergen, allergeneucolyptol, eucolyptolcaryophyllene, caryophyllenearomatherapy, aromatherapylinalool, linaloolmuurolene, muurolenealcohol, alcoholbenzoate, benzoatepinene, pinenecitral, citralcinnamaldehyde
Characterization and Identification of Essential Oil Components by GC-MSVivek R. Dhole, B. Sitharaman, Inderjit KaurOverviewPurpose: Determine the chemical profile for characterization of cinnamon oil,eucalyptus oil, lemongrass oil, peppermint oil, citronella oil, turpentine oil and standardcomponents such as camphor, menthol, thymol,...
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limonene, limonenepinene, pinenecitral, citralmenthanone, menthanonecomponent, componentessential, essentialname, namecitronellal, citronellaloil, oilcinnamaldehyde, cinnamaldehydecomponents, componentsterpinene, terpinenealcohol, alcoholcharacterization, characterizationmenthadiene
Application Note®Instrument: Pegasus BTEMPOWERING RESULTSFAST GC-TOFMS and Hydrogen Carrier Gas: An Enhanced Solutionfor the Analysis of Citrus Essential OilsLECO Corporation; Saint Joseph, Michigan USAKey Words:Fast GC, Hydrogen, TOFMS, Flavor and Fragrance, Essential Oil, Citrus, Quality ControlIntroductionCitrus essential oils (Citrus EOs)...
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citrus, citruseos, eoslibrary, libraryleco, lecoacetate, acetatelinalyl, linalylcymene, cymenepinene, pinenehit, hitpegasus, pegasusfenchene, fencheneterpinen, terpinenbois, boisperillaldehyde, perillaldehydecymenene