Developing New Methods for Pesticides in Dietary Supplements

Aplikace | 2010 | RestekInstrumentace
GCxGC, GC/MSD, Příprava vzorků, GC/TOF, Spotřební materiál
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Restek, LECO
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Food Safety ApplicationsEvaluation of Dispersive and CartridgeSolid Phase Extraction (SPE) Cleanups forMultiresidue Pesticides in QuEChERS Extractsof Finished Tobacco Using GCxGC-TOFMSBy Michelle Misselwitz, Jack Cochran, and Julie KowalskiAbstractTobacco is a high-value production crop for the United States and ranks 6th in...
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Sample Preparation ApplicationsFast, Simple QuEChERS Extraction andCleanup of Pesticide Residue Samples• Achieve a four-fold increase in sample throughput.• Significantly reduce material costs.• Convenient, ready to use centrifuge tubes withultra pure, pre-weighed adsorbent mixtures.innovativechromatographysolutionsQuick, Easy, Cheap, Effective, Rugged, and Safe, the...
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General ApplicationsDetermining Pesticides in DietarySupplements with QuEChERSExtraction, Cartridge SPE, andGCxGC-TOFMSRegulatory requirements are driving the development of new multiresidue pesticide methods for dietarysupplements. Minimizing matrix interference is critical for data accuracy. The novel approach employedhere combines QuEChERS extraction, cartridge SPE cleanup,...
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Applications NoteDeveloping New Methods forPesticides in Dietary SupplementsAdvantages of the QuEChERS ApproachNew requirements for dietary supplements to be manufactured under cGMP regulations have created aneed for methods to detect pesticides in these complex, largely botanical products. QuEChERS offers a simple,...
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