Automated Solutions using Small Scale SPE to Solve Challenging Applications

Aplikace | 2016 | AnatuneInstrumentace
GC/MSD, GC/MS/MS, Příprava vzorků, GC/QQQ
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Agilent Technologies, GERSTEL, Anatune
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Chromatography Technical Note No AS123A fully automated and quantitative method for Metaldehyde in water usingGC/QqQAnaïs Maury, Dan Carrier & Paul Roberts, Anatune Ltd. Girton, Cambridgeshire (UK).IntroductionDamage to crops from slugs and snails is a growing problem in the UK.Metaldehyde, a...
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Chromatography Technical Note No AS152Optimisation and validation of an ITSP method for the determination ofTaste and Odour compounds in waterCamilla Liscio, Anatune Ltd. Girton, Cambridgeshire (UK).Richard Davis, Anatune Ltd. Girton, Cambridgeshire (UK).InstrumentationIntroductionPreliminary work in the Anatune Applications team (Application noteAS145)...
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Automated Solutions using Smart SPE to solvechallenging applications*Dan Carrier, Camilla Liscio, Anatune Ltd,Cambridgeshire, UK.*Corresponding author email [email protected] the last 8 years, Anatune have developed several solutions using ITSP(Instrument Top Sample Preparation). This technique is now also known asSmart SPE. This...
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Use of automated sample preparationtechniques with GC-SQ, QQQ, and QTOFfor aqueous samplesDan Carrier, Applications Laboratory Purpose of my presentation“ To show how we can automatechallenging applications – distilledspirits”TDU Summary of Presentation• Introduction– Anatune• Automated (established) sample preparation techniques– ITSP (Instrument Top...
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