Total Sulfur Content in Diesel – Reliable Analysis using Sulfur Chemiluminescence Detector Nexis SCD-2030

Aplikace | 2022 | ShimadzuInstrumentace
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Dual Plasma Sulfur and Nitrogen Chemiluminescence Detectors
2006|Agilent Technologies|Brožury a specifikace
Dual Plasma Sulfur and NitrogenChemiluminescence DetectorsUnsurpassed Stability, Selectivity, andSensitivity for your GC Analysis Now with New Dual Plasma TechnologyOverviewDual Plasma TechnologyThe Agilent Technologies Sulfur Chemiluminescence Detector (355 SCD)and Nitrogen Chemiluminescence Detector (255 NCD) are the world’smost sensitive and selective chromatographic detectors...
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GC Nexis™ GC-2030ApplicationNewsReliable Sulfur Compounds Analysis in Diesel usingSulfur Chemiluminescence Detector Nexis SCD-2030Y. Nagao*1, R. Kitano*1, R. Kelting*2, P. Giusti*3, M. Piparo*3*1 Shimadzu Corporation, *2 Shimadzu Europa GmbH, *3 Total Refining and Chemicals, Total Research & TechnologyGonfreville, International Joint Laboratory...
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GC-SCD Analysis ofFuels and PetrochemicalsApplication Notebook GC-SCD Analysis ofFuels and PetrochemicalsApplication NotebookThere is perhaps no technique more specific, selective, and sensitive for analysis of sulfur compoundsthan gas chromatography with sulfur chemiluminescence detection (GC-SCD). As an analyticaltechnique, GC-SCD couples the separations capability...
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HydrocarbonProcessing IndustryVolISSUE2SJ21_0082 ISSN 2188-0484 Note from the DirectorShuzo MaruyamaGeneral Manager,Analytical & Measurement Instruments DivisionAs COVID‑19 maintains its grip on the world,director of the Chemistry Research Division, NationalShimadzu Corporation would like to express ourInstitute of Measurement and Testing Technology.greatest sympathies to those...
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