Analysis of Mineral Oils Utilising Temperature Programmed Large Volume Injection

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Analysis of Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons using TemperatureProgrammed Large Volume InjectionApplication NoteAN0010INTRODUCTIONTable 1. Analytical ConditionsMineral oils are typically found in water, foods and soils.These mineral oils can be extracted using different solvent;most popular are hexane and petroleum ether. Asconcentrations can be...
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High Throughput Mineral Oil Analysis(Hydrocarbon Oil Index) by GC-FIDUsing the Agilent Low Thermal Mass(LTM) SystemApplication NoteAuthorsAbstractFrank DavidCycle time for gas chromatography-flame ionization detection analysis of mineral oil inResearch Institute for Chromatography,environmental samples was dramatically reduced and the sensitivity increased by...
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High Throughput Mineral Oil Analysis(Hydrocarbon Oil Index) by GC-FIDusing the Agilent Low Thermal Mass(LTM II) SystemApplication NoteEnvironmental AnalysisAuthorsAbstractFrank David and Karine JacqCycle time for GC-FID analysis of mineral oil in environmental samples was dramati-Research Institute for Chromatography,cally reduced and sensitivity...
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