Determination of Oxygenates in Automotive Spark Ignition Engine Fuel according ASTM D7754-11 using

Aplikace | 2016 | PACInstrumentace
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Application NoteDetermination of Oxygenates in C2, C3, C4 and C5hydrocarbon Matrices according ASTM D7423-09 usingAC OXYTRACERFast Analysis in <30 MinutesExcellent Sensitivity, Repeatability & LinearityRobust Solution using AC Deans switch technologyNo Matrix InterferenceKeywords: Oxygenates, ASTM D7423, Dean’s switchingINTRODUCTIONThe determination of oxygenates...
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a p p l i c at i o n N o t eGas ChromatographyAuthorAndrew TiplerPerkinElmer, Inc.Shelton, CT 06484 USADetermination ofLow-Level OxygenatedCompounds in GasolineUsing the Clarus 680 GCwith S-Swafer MicroChannel Flow TechnologyIntroductionThe existing ASTM® D4815 method is designed to monitoroxygenated...
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Oxygenates in Fuels –Analysis SolutionsFrom Trace Levels toEthanol FuelsPage 1James D. McCurrySenior ScientistAgilent TechnologiesWilmington, DE USAOctober 13, 2010 Application SummaryThere is a need to measure trace oxygenates in:• Feedstocks– Example: denatured fuel ethanol• Intermediates– Example: ethers and alcohols in light hydrocarbons...
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solid partnersproven solutionsOxyTracer™Determination of individual oxygenates from 0.1 ppm to 2000 ppm in lighthydrocarbon streams according to ASTM D7754 and ASTM D7423Fast Analysis of Oxygenates Traces in 25-30 MinutesFull Range of AC OxyTracer solutions meet broad range of analysis needsAC...
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