Analysing Quaternary Ammonium Salts (QAS) in Seawater by Difficult Matrix Introduction (DMI)

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Agilent Technologies, GL Sciences
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Application Note No. 054Analysis of Trace Level Silicone Oil in Vehicle Paint using Difficult MatrixIntroduction (DMI) Coupled with Selective ExclusionDiane NicholasExclusion of major components allowing trace level detection No manual sample preparation May be automated using the Focus DTDInstrumentationATAS Optic...
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Application Note No. 059The Role of Selective Exclusion in the Analysis of Specific Hydrocarbons inn-Alkane WaxesDiane Nicholas.IntroductionThe analysis of wax n-alkanes, between C10 and C70 +, in crude oil, condensates and wax deposit samples by hightemperature split/splitless injection seems long...
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volts, voltsisothermal, isothermalsplit, splitinjector, injectortemperature, temperaturetransfer, transferinvolatiles, involatilessplitless, splitlessexclusion, exclusionpsi, psivent, ventpressure, pressureaux, auxexclude, excludeoptic
Application Note No. 082Multi-Residue Analysis of Pesticides in Samples of Lettuce and Peas UsingLarge Volume-Difficult Matrix Introduction-Gas Chromatography-MassSpectrometry (LV-DMI-GC-MS)Richard Fussell, Central Science Laboratory, York, N. Yorks, UKDiane NicholasIntroductionEthyl acetate is widely used as a solvent for the multi-residueextraction of pesticides...
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dmi, dmipeas, peaslettuce, lettuceendosulfan, endosulfanextracts, extractstpe, tpefritted, frittedmean, meanmins, minspesticide, pesticideshape, shapepesticides, pesticidespoor, poormicrovial, microvialcleaned
Application Note No. 085The Focus Robotic Sample Processor as a Tool for the Multiple Analysis ofSamples using Complementary TechniquesDiane NicholasMultiple techniques using one instrumentSimple to change between techniquesFuly automated analysesInstrumentationFocus Robotic Sample ProcessorATAS Optic 2-200 programmable injectorAgilent 5890 GC with...
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soap, soaptechniques, techniquessyringe, syringeheadspace, headspaceprocessor, processorrobotic, robotickit, kitfuly, fulystart, startchange, changegrated, gratedspme, spmescan, scandtd, dtdfocus