Analysis of fatty acids in a cooking oil using an On-line micro Reaction Sampler

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GC/MSD, Pyrolýza
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AppNote 5/2013Thermochemolysis – A Simple andRapid Methylation Method Basedon TMAH for Gas ChromatographicAnalysis of Linseed Oil and AmberYunyun Nie, Eike Kleine-BenneGERSTEL GmbH & Co.KG, Eberhard-Gerstel-Platz 1,45473 Mülheim an der Ruhr, GermanyOluwadayo O. Sonibare, Thorsten HoffmannInstitute of Inorganic and Analytical Chemistry,Johannes...
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Multi-functional Pyrolyzer® Technical Note( PYA2-023E )Notes on Reactive Pyrolysis of Fatty acids usingTrimethylsulfonium hydroxide[Background] The official method for the analysis of fatty acids in fats and oils instructs analysts to use boron trifluoride(BF3); however, because it is a cumbersome procedure...
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methyl, methylfats, fatstmsh, tmshoils, oilsinstructs, instructsfatty, fattytrimethylsulfonium, trimethylsulfoniumtrifluoride, trifluoridelinoleate, linoleatelinolenate, linolenateacids, acidsboron, boronpalmitate, palmitatestearate, stearateinquiries
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ega, egazone, zonepyrolyzer, pyrolyzeracid, acidobtained, obtainedink, inkadditives, additivesfrom, fromthermal, thermalshot, shottmsh, tmshirradiation, irradiationunknown, unknownanalyzed, analyzedtmah
Frontier Lab “On line micro reaction sampler”
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Leading the way in material characterizationNEW“On-line micro reaction sampler”The on-line micro reaction sampler is a device that allows a small amount of a sample and reagent to react under semisupercritical or supercritical fluid conditions in a small glass capsule (id...
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capsule, capsulereaction, reactionsampler, samplermicro, microglass, glasscrushing, crushinghexamethylenediamine, hexamethylenediaminereagent, reagentpyrolysis, pyrolysisline, linetrimethyl, trimethyldimethyl, dimethylalkali, alkalirod, rodglycerol