Procedures for Acquiring Pyrograms in Air and Its Automation

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GC/MSD, Pyrolýza
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Multi-functional Pyrolyzer® Technical Note( PYT-023E )Points to Consider in Obtaining Pyrograms by Py-GC/MS in Air Circumstance[About Separation Column and Air Purge Time in MS][Background] When obtaining a pyrogram by Py-GC/MS in air, after the pyrolysis of samples the separation column...
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Double-Shot Pyrolyzer® Technical Note(PYA4-004E)Analysis Examples Using Carrier Gas SelectorPart 4: Pyrolysis of Polyethylene (PE) in AirUsing Carrier Gas Selector (CGS-1050E) , Selective Sampler (SS-1010E), and MicroJet Cryo Trap (MJT-1030E),flash pyrolysis of polyethylene (PE) was performed at 550°C both in air...
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Double-Shot Pyrolyzer® Technical Note(PYA4-003E)Analaysis Examples Using Carrier Gas SelectorPart 3: Pyrolysis of Polycarbonate (PC) in AirUsing Carrier Gas Selector (CGS-1050E) , Selective Sampler (SS-1010E), and MicroJet Cryo Trap (MJT-1030E),flash pyrolysis of polycarbonate (PC) was performed at 550°C both in air...
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Frontier Lab Multi-Shot Pyrolyzer ® EGA/PY-3030D
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Multi-Shot Pyrolyzer ®EGA/PY-3030DFlexibleVersatileReproducible Why Evolved Gas Analysis?Why Pyrolysis?Today, analytical pyrolysis encompasses much morethan simple flash pyrolysis of polymeric materials.Virtually any material (liquid or solid) can becharacterized using an array of techniques, whichare designed into a modern day, Multi-FunctionalPyrolysis System. Consider how...
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