Detailed Hydrocarbon Analysis of Spark Ignition Engine Fuels by GC using ASTM D6729

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Your local gas generation partnerDetailed hydrocarbon analysis(DHA) using ASTM methodD6729 & D6729 Appendix Detailed hydrocarbonanalysis (DHA) usingASTM method D6729and D6729 appendixX2.Ed Connor Dr. Sc.& Joaquin Lubkowitz PhDIntroductionDetailed hydrocarbon analysis (DHA) is aseparation technique used by a variety oflaboratories involved in...
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Determination of Hydrocarbon Group Types in Spark Ignition Fuelsusing Gas Chromatography with Vacuum Ultraviolet AbsorptionSpectroscopy (GC-VUV)AN0021Application NoteINTRODUCTIONEXPERIMENTALThe VUV detector is the next generation GC detector forPIONA analysis; simplifying the complex analysis ofhydrocarbon samples with short analysis times, includingspark ignition fuels....
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Comparing ASTM D8071 (GC-VUV) & ASTM D6730 (DHA) forHydrocarbon AnalysisAN0025Application NoteINTRODUCTIONEXPERIMENTALThere are many challenges within the petrochemicalindustry and associated GC analysis methods, for theanalysis of hydrocarbons in spark ignition fuels. Asregulations continuously drive down the accepted levels ofimpurities in gasolines,...
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solid partnersproven solutionsNEW!Agilent 8890GC PlatformFullreportingQualityControlFull Range of DHASolutionsDetailed Hydrocarbon Analysis of Light Petroleum Streams and Light End in Crude OilsWorkflow oriented, User-friendly DHA XLNC SoftwareUnique DHA Combi allows the analysis of both Light Petroleum Streams and Light End in CrudeEasy...
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