Automated GC/MS Characterization of Ball Point Pen Inks by Differential Analysis and Predictive Modeling

Postery | 2012 | Agilent TechnologiesInstrumentace
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Classification of Chamomile Flowers,Essential Oils, and CommercialProducts Using Chemometrics andthe Agilent 5975 GC/MSDApplication NoteFood Testing & AgricultureAuthorsAbstractMei Wang, Bharathi Avula,A highly accurate statistical model has been developed to determine the exact typeYan-Hong Wang, Jianping Zhao,of chamomile used in the production...
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Predictive Classification of Contaminants Encountered During the Distillation of Shochu,Shochu, a Distilled Beverage Native to JapanJapan..T hi kiToshiyukiYYamashitahit 1;TakeshiT k hiSSerinoi 2;DDavidid2;PPetersontAAnthonythI t d tiIntroductionShochuShh isi a distilleddi till d alcoholicl h li beveragebnativeti tot Japan.JItcontains 25% alcohol by volume...
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Application NoteFoodChemometric methods for botanicalclassification of Chinese honey basedon the volatile compound profileSolid-phase microextraction and gaschromatography-mass spectrometryAuthorsAbstractHui Chen, Linghe Jin, andChunlin FanAgro-Product Safety ResearchCenter,Chinese Academy ofInspection and Quarantine,Beijing, ChinaThis study develops a method for the discrimination and prediction of honeysamples...
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honey, honeylinden, lindenvitex, vitexrape, rapeacacia, acaciabotanical, botanicalprediction, predictionclassification, classificationvolatile, volatilemodel, modelwere, werespme, spmeprofiles, profilessamples, samplesorigin
Methodologies for Food Fraud
2019|Agilent Technologies|Ostatní
Food Fraud GuideMethodologies for Food FraudTips for robust experimental resultsExecutive summaryKnowing that food fraud scandals often drive public awareness and regulatorychanges, the goal of this paper is to present analytical techniques and experimentalmethodologies, and introduce multivariate statistics and sample class...
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