Analysis of Dissolved Gas in Transformer Oil by Gas Chromatography using a Stripper Column

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GC, GC kolony, Spotřební materiál
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Gases in TransformerOil AnalysisApplication Notes #283028Transformer Oil Gas Analysis with the Bruker TOGAAnalyzer equipped with the Bruker Headspace Sampler.Insulating fluids, generally mineral oils, are used intransformers. Under normal, mild conditions there isAs a result, a portion of a gas dissolved...
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Analyzer Solutions Guidefor the Energy and Chemical IndustryGENERATE ACCURATE, RELIABLE DATATO ENSURE QUALITY AND PRODUCTIVITY IMPLEMENT NEW GC TECHNOLOGIESWHEN YOUR COMPANY IS READY FOR THEMYour business helps fuel the global economy by meeting thedemand for petroleum, natural gas, and biofuel. Success...
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Transformer Oil Gas Analysis using a Stripper Column (ASTM D3612)AN0031Application NoteINTRODUCTIONInsulating fluids, generally mineral oils, are used intransformers. Under normal, mild conditions, there isvery little decomposition. However, occasionallylocalised or general heating of the oil occurs anddecomposition products are formed. If...
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